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          1. Products

            Tetrahydrofurfuryl Alcohol

            Molecular formula: C5H10O2

            Molecular weight: 102.13
            Properties: colorless liquid, hygroscopic, flammable, low toxic, can be dissolved with water, ethanol, aether,acetone, chloroform and benzene. Boiling point:178oC, autoignition temperature:282.2oC.
            Main use: Used in producing dihydrofuran, tetrahydrofuran, lysine, long acting Vitamin B1. Also used in preparing polyamide plastic, and good solvent for resin, coating and grease. Used as lubricant, dispersant in printing,deodorant in drugs etc..
            Packaging: Packed in 220kg new metal pail. 17.6t(80pail)/20 chi container or delivered in 21-25t(N.W.) bulk bin.
            Storage: Stored in cool and dry place. Avoid exposal in the sun.
            Content: 99.0% MIN.
            Water content: 0.1% MAX.
            Furfuryl Alcohol: 0.7% MAX
            5-Methfa: 0.05% MAX
            1,2 Pentanediol: 0.30% MAX
            Density(D420)g/cm3: 1.051-1.054
            Refractive index(D20): 1.449-1.453
            Color number: 20 Max.