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          1. Products

            Furfuryl Alcohol

            Properties: Light yellow liquid. It will become brown or deep red if exposed in the sun. flammable, with the odor of almond. Soluble in water, insoluble in petroleum hydrocarbon.
            Main use: One of the materials of organic synthesis. It can produce levulic acid, furan resin, furfural resin etc.. Good solvent for furan resin, varnish and pigment. Besides, it is also used in the industries including synthetic fiber, rubber, pesticide and foundry etc..
            Packaging: In 240/250kgs net weight new iron drums(1x20'FCL 19.2/20Mts, 80Drums) or In 23/25Mts net weight Iso-Tanks.
            Storage and transportation: stored in cool, dry and draughty place. Avoid fire or chemical drugs with strong acidity and oxidizability.
            Main content: 98.0% MIN
            Water content:0.3% MAX
            Aldehyde residue: 0.7% MAX
            Acid content: 0.01MOL/L MAX
            Specific gravity:(20/4oC ): 1.159-1.161
            Refractive index:20D: 1.485-1.488
            Cloud point: 10oC MAX