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          1. Products


            Product: 2-Methylfuran

            Chemical name: sylvan

            Fomular: C5H6O

            Hazard class: 3.1

            UN NO: 2301

            HS Number: 29321900

            Appearance: Colorless, transparent to light yellow liquid with ethereal odor.
            It will change to yellow or even black when exposed to air or sunlight.

            Structured Formula: 


            2-methyl furan is widely used as solvent. It also can be used for synthetizing pentylene, pentadiol, acetyl, propyl aslcohol and 2-methyl-tetrahydrofuran. In pharmaceuticals industry, 2-methylfuran is used for synthetizing vitamin B1, chloroquine phosphate, primaquine phosphate, etc.


            Sealed in 180kg/galvanized iron drum, or ISO Tank, 20MT/tank.


            Stored in a cool, dry, well-ventilated warehouse.Stay away from fire and heat source. Prevent direct sunlight. Package sealed. Separate storage with oxidants and acids.

            Handling and storage characteristics:

            During the transportation, it shall be covered in cover to ensure that the packaging shall not leak, not collapse, not fall, not damaged, prevent violent impact, and may not be mixed with the reducing substance.